Are you Taxed on Bitcoins?

Everytime Bitcoin is bought, sold or traded exist tax impacts. Is important to know how Bitcoins are taxed, the requirements that involve and the tax planning techniques that can prevent you a headache. Some of the important things you must to keep in mind for understanding how it works the taxes on Bitcoins transactions are Read more about Are you Taxed on Bitcoins?[…]

Why is Bitcoin Not Traceable?

A big controversy inside the cryptocurrency market is if the big brother, the Bitcoin, is traceable or not. The theory that bitcoin is traceable or not begins because some criminal situations and this cryptocurrency were related in the past. First of all, Bitcoin is totally traceable unless you don’t want it like that. The first Read more about Why is Bitcoin Not Traceable?[…]

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Financial technological innovations are invading the world and now they themselves feel the need to evolve. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency well known by almost all the population that has ever submerged in the world of digital money and is even a millennial reference which has now decided to evolve and take a step towards the Read more about What is Bitcoin Cash?[…]

How to buy Bitcoin in 2 steps

With the current increase of Bitcoin market, the interest in the cryptocurrency is growing everywhere, so it is very common to find people of all kinds that are interested in getting access to it but are not really informed about the way Bitcoin works. It may be a little bit confusing because most people are Read more about How to buy Bitcoin in 2 steps[…]

Bitcoin Price

The fact that Bitcoin is decentralized and uncontrolled by any bank, government or a private entity but instead is code free and public, works according to the offer/demand standards and the value of transactions made, makes it really difficult to determine a regular price on Bitcoin. We need to remember that unlike cash currency, it Read more about Bitcoin Price[…]

How to make money with Bitcoin trading?

With the boom of Bitcoin and the huge increase of the cryptocurrencies market, everyone wants to make money out of Bitcoin trading. But since the way this market works is a little bit blurry for those that are new to it, it may generate a little distrust in whether or not it is actually a Read more about How to make money with Bitcoin trading?[…]