What is Poloniex?

In order to maintain the digital market and the online trade, cryptocurrencies have become the most used and exchanged currency in the world. Just in the same way that FIAT money works, cryptocurrencies are traded in an exchange house with Bitcoin as the reference coin. In this matter, lots of this sites or “exchangers” are Read more about What is Poloniex?[…]

What is Litecoin?

Digital assets market has grown so much that Bitcoin is far from being the only cryptocurrency working nowadays. Even though it is the first one and supports the whole market by being the reference exchange price, cryptocurrencies have diversified as the open-source has been modified and recreated by other users. Litecoin is one of the Read more about What is Litecoin?[…]

What is dogecoin?

“Such coin… Much doge… Very currency… Wow!” Any person that considers themselves as a regular internet user has read, at least once, this kind of expression. It comes from a popular meme “doge” which is nothing more than a cute dog that’s represented with primitive communication. Written like this it doesn’t sound like too much Read more about What is dogecoin?[…]


Name Licence number Min deposit cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies available More Information
FCA n°583263 200$ 9
CySec n°247/14 10$ 16