What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The financial world is in constant movement and therefore in evolution, even more so in the area of digital money that goes hand in hand with the changes that happen on the internet that, as we all know, is daily and even happens in a second. This is what happened with Ethereum, which was a Read more about What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?[…]

How to trade Ethereum with a CFD

As cryptocurrency market grows, more and more regular users are attending the idea to invest in this kind of transaction. This reality has been proved in the growth of the most popular coins that are exponentially increasing their demand. Nevertheless, this market is quite complicated and for starters can represent a lot of money lost Read more about How to trade Ethereum with a CFD[…]

How to make money with Ethereum trade

Ethereum is one of the most important cryptocurrency nowadays, actually, it is the second most important of them all, only behind the original digital currency, Bitcoin. In this matter, it is a great chance for making money when we know how to use it and, since trade is only one of the opportunities Ether offers Read more about How to make money with Ethereum trade[…]

How to Buy Ethereum

Just like any other cryptocurrency, buying Ether is only possible mediately online transactions. There’s no FIAT money representing Ethereum and that means it only can be bought out of the internet. But the difference between buying this cryptocurrency and buying any other is that even though Ether is commercialized all over the world, it can Read more about How to Buy Ethereum[…]

How is mining in Ethereum

In case you’re not very familiar with the term, mining in any cryptocurrency represents the action of confirming transactions or solving problems in order to harvest a reward. This reward is paid in the cryptoasset (Ether in this case) and is distributed by the chainblock to the user which solves the problem faster. Taking into Read more about How is mining in Ethereum[…]

Ethereum prices

Anyone that’s into the world of cryptocurrency must have Heard that Ethereumis quickly becoming one of the most important digital assets, and some even predict it will surpass Bitcoin really soon. In that matter, Ethereum price is one of the most influent in the digital market and the incredible increase of it has traders all Read more about Ethereum prices[…]

Buying Ethereum with PayPal

Unfortunately for most of us, Paypal platform terms have a great collision with cryptocurrency and it seems to be very hard to achieve any of them, especially Ethereum directly with Paypal. Actually, there’s no easy way to do it, and if you want to purchase Ether coins but rely on the Paypal platform to do Read more about Buying Ethereum with PayPal[…]