What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The financial world is in constant movement and therefore in evolution, even more so in the area of digital money that goes hand in hand with the changes that happen on the internet that, as we all know, is daily and even happens in a second. This is what happened with Ethereum, which was a cryptocurrency that after the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) suffered the hacker attack was divided in two and Ethereum Classic emerged, whose population of defenders maintained that all transactions that were made before of the hack had to remain valid.

Despite the fact that Ethereum went through a moment of division among its users, it managed to overcome them and currently both digital currencies work individually. In this way, Ethereum Classic continues to offer characteristics similar to those of Ethereum but offers the possibility of smart contracts that are much more efficient and protect users from previous errors.

Ethereum classic emerged in 2016

Ethereum Classic, as such, emerged in 2016 and until now has not stopped growing and demonstrating what it is capable of doing and it is not for less since we remember that it has to earn the trust of those users who feel mocked by the episode of the previous hack although it is something like the “Unedited” version.

Although this is the first version of the cryptocurrency, it has been gaining everyone’s respect due to its fast methods to carry out transactions and also because it is a strong competitor of the other digital currencies that are on the market and it is considered as a reference when talking about financial technological innovations.

Ethereum Classic is one of those pioneering digital currencies in the market and will always be considered one of the best despite all the incidents suffered. What are you waiting to give it a new opportunity and get to see what this cryptocurrency can achieve?

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