Ethereum prices

Anyone that’s into the world of cryptocurrency must have Heard that Ethereumis quickly becoming one of the most important digital assets, and some even predict it will surpass Bitcoin really soon. In that matter, Ethereum price is one of the most influent in the digital market and the incredible increase of it has traders all over the world going crazy about this new platform that was created only 3 years ago.

The fluctuation of Ethereum price on 2017

As Bitcoin seems to be getting to its limit sooner than later and with the characteristic that Ethereum has no total limit of production, besides the incredible possibilities of using their platform to create new projects, the price of Ethereun token has experienced an amazing growth in the first half of 2017.

Even though it is quite unstable and as the same way it grows, it may fall (as happened recently in July with an 18% fall after reaching its biggest numbers in June) but is still one of the most rentable investments. This seems to be because of the innovative tools this platform represents and that obviously, you have to use Ether money to get access to them.

The recent fall in Ethereum prices actually responds to rumors that its creator was dead, which was denied by Buterin himself stopping the descent of the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, days before, the coder had a reunion with the Rusian president, Putin, who is quite interested in cryptoassets and is attracted for the Ethereum price and growth. So yes, this currency can be a little bit inconsistent but it also seems to recover and rebound.

Why Ethereum is so popular and actual price

This year has definitely been a good one for Ethereum, which has experienced the most incredible growths in the history of cryptocurrencies. Actually, by the end of May and beginning of June, the growth of Ether grew up to 4000-5000% to achieve its highest price: 407USD. That price obviously is way lower than Bitcoin’s but if we analyze the proportions in time, it is understandable why Etheurem seems so promising for the future. This happened because a coalition of technological industries including Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and more than 20 others decided to invest in the development of Ethereum platform.

This interest responds to the innovative technology that Ethereum actually represents. With most of the Bitcoin inconvenience solved and a system that allows anyone to develop new and better projects and to create intelligent contracts not only for cryptocurrencies but also for another kind of financial transaction, Ethereum is becoming the tool of the future and the fact those companies are so interested in the platform that they’re investing so much is the proof. After the rumors and the fall, Ethereumprice today rounds the 307USD which still represents the second strongest cryptocurrency in the world.

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