How to Buy Ethereum

Just like any other cryptocurrency, buying Ether is only possible mediately online transactions. There’s no FIAT money representing Ethereum and that means it only can be bought out of the internet. But the difference between buying this cryptocurrency and buying any other is that even though Ether is commercialized all over the world, it can only be used inside the Ethereum platform. In this aspect, acquiring an e-wallet online won’t be enough to commercialize with Ether, but don’t worry we’ll explain to you how to buy Ethereum so you can start trading.

Installing Ethereum

As we let see in the introduction, the solely online e-wallet is not enough to commercialize with Ether so, even if you actually acquire the e-coin, to be able to work with it, you will need to install the Ethereum platform on your computer. This must be the first step to start buying or trading Ether since it also works as its own e-wallet with a higher rate of safety due to the supportive network.

Once you’re actually part of the platform, the process simplifies a lot and it becomes more or less the same as buying any other cryptocurrency. But how do we do this?

Cryptocurrency exchange houses

To buy any cryptocurrency in the world, we need to get access to an Exchange house; just the same way we do with FIAT money, only this e-coin exchangers only work online. These exchangers usually work with lots of cryptocurrencies, but the price reference is always Bitcoin, even for buying Ethereum though rumors say that will be different soon as Ether grows and seems to surpass BTC as the strongest cryptocurrency.

Exchange houses can work in two different ways we will explain now and, according to your necessities, and then you can decide which one suit you better.

The first kind of exchanger is the one that trades Ether for regular money such as USD or Euros. This kind of exchange house allows you to use your actual FIAT money to invest in the purchasing of e-coin. This method is ideal for the ones that are starting in the cryptocurrency trading since it is always necessary to already have the coin to start trading it. But also users that need to increase their e-capital really quick use this trade to achieve that purposes, a good example of this situation are when an investor wants to create a new project out of Ethereum, they need a great number of Ether to finance it, so injecting regular money will make the project evolve faster.

The second kind of exchanger is the one that trades one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. This is quite useful for those that already have Bitcoin for example but want to start an Ethereum trade or project and need to buy Ether to work on the platform. This kind of exchanger house is ideal for expert traders who bounce from one cryptocurrency to another in order to maximize profits.

The best part is that some of these exchangers just like Coinbase or Kraken give the opportunity to buy Ethereum out of credit cards and bank accounts, even transfer, so actually acquiring the coin is not much of a problem if you have the financial support.

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