How to make money with Ethereum trade

Ethereum is one of the most important cryptocurrency nowadays, actually, it is the second most important of them all, only behind the original digital currency, Bitcoin. In this matter, it is a great chance for making money when we know how to use it and, since trade is only one of the opportunities Ether offers to investors, growing into the platform will definitely bring further and better results. But, how do we make money with Ethereum trade? Now we’ll explain in simple steps.

Ethereum for long term investments

It’s no secret that Ethereum growth is one of the most impressive when talking about cryptocurrency, one might even say it is the greatest in relation with the time this currency has been on the market. In that matter, rumors have been spread around the future of Ether and Bitcoin, pointing to the fact that time will locate ETH above BTC sooner than later (some people even say this will happen on 2018). This is an obvious opportunity to make some money with Ethereum trade. Why is that? Because of long-term investments. This kind of trade bets on holding a great number of the cryptocoin for a long time in order to multiply their value when ETH reaches their maximum price.

Of course, long time investments are designed for those who already have a great capital to work with because the profit won’t be seen shortly, so it is important that we don’t depend on this to maintain our trade.

Taking advantage of CFDs

While on the surface, the instability of Ethereum price might seem as a risk (which it actually is) there is a convenient tool that can actually take quite an advantage out of this: CFDs. This kind of investment bets on the rise or low of prices; this means that, if you study and analyze the fluctuation on Ethereum price history, and other cryptocurrencies, it is possible to make a lot of money with Ethereum. In this case, it is recommended to start with soft investments, so you can get familiar with the currency flow. It obviously is a short-term bet with faster but lower profits.

Playing with different currencies

Since there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies competing against each other, and their prices vary a lot, it is possible to play with statistics and probabilities as well as with prices flow and generate a great difference in returns. This is, of course, the hardest way to make money with Ethereum exchange since it requires a lot of knowledge in commerce and a thorough following of every cryptocurrency you’re investing in, nevertheless, the profits can be incredible since

Token Sales

This is the riskiest yet more profitable bet in long-term investments. The principle is the same as FIAT sales but using Ether instead. Actually, Ethereum platform is quite useful for this kind of transaction and, even though the risks are high because of the uncertainty of the technology you’re betting on, as we all know, a successful product will definitely bring fortunes with time so, if you have big capitals and time to wait, Token sales are definitely a good way to make money with Ethereum exchange.

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