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How to recognize a fraudulent site?

Numerous indicatives allow us to detect fraudulent sites. It’s enough to know them and to make some research. The objective of fraudulent sites is to convince you to dispose of money. So they have to try to show their credentials. They use many techniques as false administrations, false CEOs or even a false society. You Read more about How to recognize a fraudulent site?[…]

Are you Taxed on Bitcoins?

Everytime Bitcoin is bought, sold or traded exist tax impacts. Is important to know how Bitcoins are taxed, the requirements that involve and the tax planning techniques that can prevent you a headache. Some of the important things you must to keep in mind for understanding how it works the taxes on Bitcoins transactions are Read more about Are you Taxed on Bitcoins?[…]

How to trade Bitcoin on eToro Broker?

People commonly untrust in the investing of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies for the fear of losing their funds, nevertheless, in the actual time exist a big variety of confident platforms that allow people to trade cryptocurrencies in an easy way, one of this is eToro. As a cryptocurrency investor, you must know that you need an Read more about How to trade Bitcoin on eToro Broker?[…]

How to trade Cryptocurrencies on IQOption Broker?

In the last time, cryptocurrencies only go up. For 2017, the staggering of Bitcoin up 617%, instead of others like Ethereum and Ripple up more than 2900% and 1000% this year. The market topped the 200$ billion mark with all cryptocurrencies. The powerful trend and volatility of trading call the investors like bees to the Read more about How to trade Cryptocurrencies on IQOption Broker?[…]

Why is Bitcoin Not Traceable?

A big controversy inside the cryptocurrency market is if the big brother, the Bitcoin, is traceable or not. The theory that bitcoin is traceable or not begins because some criminal situations and this cryptocurrency were related in the past. First of all, Bitcoin is totally traceable unless you don’t want it like that. The first Read more about Why is Bitcoin Not Traceable?[…]

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Financial technological innovations are invading the world and now they themselves feel the need to evolve. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency well known by almost all the population that has ever submerged in the world of digital money and is even a millennial reference which has now decided to evolve and take a step towards the Read more about What is Bitcoin Cash?[…]

What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The financial world is in constant movement and therefore in evolution, even more so in the area of digital money that goes hand in hand with the changes that happen on the internet that, as we all know, is daily and even happens in a second. This is what happened with Ethereum, which was a Read more about What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?[…]

WARNING! BestCoinInv scam

If there’s something that always revolves around the subject of cryptocurrencies is definitely the trust issue; as all the blockchain system of these currencies functions according to people’s trust, it’s also its weak spot as only a few of dishonest are enough to make great illegal scam-deals out of it. Well, this is what’s happening Read more about WARNING! BestCoinInv scam[…]

WARNING! Scam at

So you’re looking to earn good extra money and want to invest in digital currencies because you know it’s future but you don’t actually really know so much about how these cryptocurrencies work, so you try to find someone that does know and help you with your investments. Then, you find online this incredible company Read more about WARNING! Scam at[…]

Fraude – Aurora Mine promete até 16,7% de retorno

Para quem ainda é novo na área de criptografia e investimentos em criptomoedas, precisa saber queo site Aurora Mine é uma farsa que não tem nada a ver com a mineração de criptografia. A apresentação do Aurora Mine diz que ele é uma solução profissional de mineração que utiliza a nuvem. Em outras palavras, Read more about Fraude – Aurora Mine promete até 16,7% de retorno[…]


Name Licence number Min deposit cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies available More Information
FCA n°583263 200$ 9
CySec n°247/14 10$ 16