How to recognize a fraudulent site?

Numerous indicatives allow us to detect fraudulent sites. It’s enough to know them and to make some research. The objective of fraudulent sites is to convince you to dispose of money. So they have to try to show their credentials. They use many techniques as false administrations, false CEOs or even a false society. You will see that all sites use the same techniques to fool you.

The false director or false Testimonial

Here’s an example of false administrations with the site where an individual films himself extolling the merits of the site. It turns out this man is an actor who’s been paid to make this video. For your information, know that the site later disappeared from screen radars. What do you think that became of the money deposited by the people on this site?

Unfortunately this genre of example is not an isolated case. Another example? Despite it being a nice site, the person who presents the video is also a paid actor.

But scammers don’t just stop there because usually everything in the site is false. Let’s remember the example of Bitcoin Code. The one who is presented as the developer of the app is called Steve McKay. Once again this is a false character. The photo was attached on the site.

The false society

Other indicatives that must help you escape. We commonly find false societies subscribed in England. Most times they are recent societies, with very little capital and whose director is a ready name. Relatively simple to set up in England. The latest example to date with the site.

We notice immediately that the society is been registered for only 2 months for a social capital of 1000 GBP. The capital of the society is not even of 1 bitcoin, which is very little for an investment society. You are going to deposit more money than what it possesses.

The copy of fraudulent sites

Creating a crypto-coin site is a lot. That is why usually scammers don’t hesitate to simply copy the elements of a site to make a new one. When the scam is discovered and internet users pass the information on social networks, usually the site disappears to make room for a new one.

Similarities are flagrant here. BinaryRobot365 was a scam on binary options. They simply changed the name to do the same thing on the crypto-coins. With some clicks the site is ready to get another victim.


Before depositing money on a site, verify well that you are on an honest entity. Thousands of people get screwed over each month. They deposit the money but it immediately becomes impossible to withdraw. The white list is to help you make your choice with all safety.

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