How to trade Bitcoin on eToro Broker?

People commonly untrust in the investing of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies for the fear of losing their funds, nevertheless, in the actual time exist a big variety of confident platforms that allow people to trade cryptocurrencies in an easy way, one of this is eToro. As a cryptocurrency investor, you must know that you need an exchange/broker and there are two options, cryptocurrency exchanges that allow to buy and sell real coins and CFD Brokers (Contract for Difference) that, basically, they buy the cryptocurrency for you and you pay to hold it.

Volatility means money on this days, eToro allows you to open long and short positions depending on the rise or fall of prices. Because of the constant movement of Bitcoin price, as a trader, you have more opportunities to open trades during the day. Also, leverage is a big bonus that gives you the platform of eToro, this allows you to control larger positions with less capital making you increase your profits.

eToro is a friend of beginners too, with the feature of Copy Trading you can see past trades of another trader and copy them as a guide for your owns, as a beginner this helps you to meet the field of trading and how to create your own strategy for future tradings.

The process of trading on eToro is easy: You will find a button that says “manage”, choose if you want to buy or sell, click the buy/sell stock and confirm the trade. After this, you can withdraw your money through the menu “Deposit Now” then “Account Balance”, enter the amount –in USD-, complete the form and “Submit”. Even tho, another advantage of eToro is that your minimum amount is only 50$ and you the payment methods goes from credit cards to PayPal.

eToro is considered one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency market because is a regulated broker that is not going to disappear with your funds, also, is trusted by investors and prevent cyber-attacks, don’t think it: trade!.

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