How to trade Cryptocurrencies on IQOption Broker?

In the last time, cryptocurrencies only go up. For 2017, the staggering of Bitcoin up 617%, instead of others like Ethereum and Ripple up more than 2900% and 1000% this year. The market topped the 200$ billion mark with all cryptocurrencies. The powerful trend and volatility of trading call the investors like bees to the honey because CFDs flexibility allows leverage on big movements of cryptocurrencies long and short side.

IQ Option is considered as a global leader in cryptocurrency trading, his user-friendly and easy-to-use interface allows every kind of investor –beginners and experienced- to find the best inversion to get better results. The process of how to trade cryptocurrencies on IQ Option consists in three easy steps:

  • Choose: First, you will find a button that says “open new asset” and you will choose what cryptocurrency want to buy or sell.
  • Money: Select the dollar value of the cryptocurrency you are buying or selling clicking in the “amount” window.
  • Trade: You will found two buttons, green for buying and red for selling, select your position.

After the easy process is done you can keep the eye on your money because IQ Option allows you to monitor it in real-time. Likewise, in IQ Option you can found more than eight options of cryptocurrencies that you can trade anytime you want. After the trading process, you can deposit your money into you IQ Option account clicking on the “deposit” button and choose the desired payment method, finally, on the menu you will found an option called “Withdraw Funds” that allows you withdraw your funds to credit or debit card or even transfers to your account.

In conclusion, IQ Option is one of the most trustable brokers for cryptocurrency business in the actual time. Keep in mind that you must be updated with the daily statistics for having a secure and profitable experience.

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