What is dogecoin?

“Such coin… Much doge… Very currency… Wow!” Any person that considers themselves as a regular internet user has read, at least once, this kind of expression. It comes from a popular meme “doge” which is nothing more than a cute dog that’s represented with primitive communication. Written like this it doesn’t sound like too much fun but reality is that is very popular in this matter; so much, that internet users created a Bitcoin parody starring this furry digital friend and it ended up becoming an actual cryptocurrency; this is the story of “Dogecoin

The origins of Dogecoin

In 2013, the Australian internet coder Jackson Palmer and his partner Billy Markus created Dogecoin as a joke; the idea was to mock Bitcoin and its work by mimetizing their functioning. The problem was that it worked out so well and was so well coded, with a great interface and as it was sustained and based in Litecoin open-source, Dogecoin was even advantaged in front of other cryptocurrencies and even over Bitcoin which it attempted to mock.

Due to this popularity and the immense transaction rate, the currency generated it quickly became an as much valid and used cryptocurrency as any other. Actually, thanks to the fact that it has no limit of creation (unlike any other digital money), the growth of this token was so fast that in 4 years it became one of the most valuable and functional currencies with 300USD million in market capitalization and 17USD million in transaction rates.

The two principal advantages of Dogecoin are their incredibly fast transaction confirmation time which is only 1 minute while Litecoin takes 2.3 minutes and Bitcoin can take 10 minutes or even more; and the second benefit of this cryptocurrency it that they’re a Litecoins complement so they have a little more safety backup than other digital currencies, even Bitcoin.

Even though this e-coin started as a joke, it has become quite important in the digital market and it has also worked as a charity token since lots of causes have been supported by the already quite loved “Dogecoin community”, which donates a lot of money for good causes and have even achieved that Dogecoin is accepted as payment in “Doctors Without Borders”.

Dogecoin wallet

As any other cryptocurrency, Dogecoin can be stored and traded from an e-wallet we obtain in any exchanger site, but as we all know, this works for little amounts of money and as a safety rule, we must store our big capitals in a private e-wallet. In this matter, Dogecoin also works like other digital money; a Dogecoin wallet can be downloaded from their website as an app and installed into any device.

Dogecoin app is available for any device an operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Blackberry. This Doge wallet assures you will have access to your e-money no matter what happens to the exchanger; even if the site collapses or crashes you can even lose all your money.

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