December 14, 2017

What is Ripple?

Today there are many alternative monetary systems especially with the whole boom of the internet. As several alternative systems have developed, some others have better understood what users of their public are really looking for, which is why digital currencies have become one of the favorite choices of people as time goes by, especially Ripple.

This project based on a free credit system software based on the companion-partner paradigm, is led by OpenCoin Inc. and it allows users to access a cryptocurrency that operates safely and that presents a platform where people feel confident enough to carry out the exchange of funds or loans so that it can flow steadily and without requiring any type of regulation.

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The Ripple Plateform

Ripple is a very good platform that will be very useful to you as long as you can understand it. The currency that this platform offers is known as Ripple XRP. You must understand that Ripple has a fundamental base, the trust that users give to the platform and to each other since as a digital currency, Ripple does not need an organ that regulates it but its users are the regulators themselves. This characteristic is one of the most important because it gives to the users the thrust they need to make this platform one of the best.

The currency of Ripple had its peak in 2012 approximately and has been strengthened more and more because its financial capital is based on its social capital, this is something that users love. On the other hand, Ripple also positions itself in the world currency ranking as one of the first cryptocurrencies and every day it invites its users to discover the wonders that as a platform it is capable of offering. What are you waiting to use this new financial technology?